Notes on Melee Weapons:




Space Required – the space needed to wield the weapon without penalties. The penalty per foot of difference conferred with the space given is equal to –2 for fighter classes, -3 for cleric/rogue classes and –4 for wizard classes. The maximum difference allowed is 3 feet.


Speed Factor – Determines how fast (or slow) the weapon is to wield. Deduct the number from your initiative roll.


Range Increment. Each full range increment causes a cumulative –2 penalty to the attack roll. Thrown weapons have a maximum range of five range increments. Projectile weapons have a maximum range of ten range increments.


An "S" after the dice number means that the weapon deals subdual damage rather than normal.


Double weapon; You can fight with it as if fighting with two weapons, but you incur all the normal attack penalties as if you were wielding a one-handed and a light weapon (see PHB p. 124).


This weapon is too large to use in one hand without special training; thus it is an exotic weapon. A medium sized character can use it two-handed as a martial weapon, or a large creature can use it one-handed in the same way.


Reach - You can strike opponents10 feet away, but not at an adjacent foe (exception: chain).


Disarm bonus +2 on opposed attack rolls.


Trip attacks possible with this weapon.


You may use the Weapon Finesse feat (PHB p. 86) to apply your Dexterity (instead of Strength) modifier to attack rolls.


If you use a ready action to set this weapon against a charge, you deal double damage if you score a hit.


A lance deals double damage when used from the back of a charging mount.


A small sized character deals 1d3 points of damage with a large shield and 1d2 with a small. A shield is treated as a light weapon for purposes of attack penalties. When the shield is used as a weapon it’s AC bonus is lost until the next action.


+# attack bonus against shields (or a negative modifier).


+# attack bonus against plate armour (or a negative modifier).


+# attack bonus against mail armour (or a negative modifier).